mainsneakers Novesta, jeans and bag Zara, sweater Mango



Hi guys :) I am not sure what I like more about this post whether my cool new sneakers or the idea that is behind them. When ever I am writing my posts I always realized how I don’t like to write. I like to look at the pictures and that’s it. That’s why all my post are so sort. As I mentioned this sneakers deserved a story. NOVESTA is footwear brand manufactured in Europe, Slovakia, made from natural materials. NOVESTA  and non-profit organization “Pes v nudzi” (dog in need) came with this idea to collect money from sold sneakers and support the shelter for tortured and abandoned dogs. The shelter receives €10 for each sold pair of shoes from NOVESTA’s “Pes v nudzi” collection. You can buy them here  in  or in

Wish you guys blessed week :)


fotka 1fotka 3fotka 2Hi guys. I did not post nada for a long time. Sorry been too busy. Here are some, not too good but still, pics from my last jewelry design work –  silver body chain. I had before one that was a jewelry imitation and after one bath it was all messed up. Can’t happen with this one. Only thing is that is much more expensive because it custom, hand-made. If you are interested feel free to write me here Gracias :)



slippers Mango, shirt and clutch Zara, coat Burberry, pants Calvin Klein, sunglasses D&G


Little classy look. Love that spring is here :) …. Stressed but well dressed is my new quote!