Body Chain

April 9, 2014Category: fashion/style

fotka 1fotka 3fotka 2Hi guys. I did not post nada for a long time. Sorry been too busy. Here are some, not too good but still, pics from my last jewelry design work –  silver body chain. I had before one that was a jewelry imitation and after one bath it was all messed up. Can’t happen with this one. Only thing is that is much more expensive because it custom, hand-made. If you are interested feel free to write me here Gracias :)


Sunday Funday

March 4, 2014Category: fashion/style

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sun glasses LSD Fashion LAB, jacket and bag second-hand, jeans and shoes Zara, t-shirt H&M, necklace present

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I decided that time to time I will post other people than me in my blog. People that I think has style. And this lady definitely has it. What you think? :) The over sized jacket looks great with the all black and the heels give to the look femininity. And those glasses :) …. sorry I just love when people know how to dress.