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vlakon the way to visit my friends and their new baby


IMG_1133my Slovac-Greek- American family and the little one in the back

IMG_1150my every day breakfast

IMG_1096isn’t he ultra cute :))))

kolac :P / rings are custom-made by The JSF world ;)

duri 1IMG_1237shopping time in Orlando outlets, find my plaza :)

kavaIMG_1384little nap

poolpool accessories

IMG_1345IMG_1081t-shirt by The JSF world , Hanka rocking it :)

IMG_1266in my new shades / 5 dollars…. jajajaj could not leave them there lol

IMG_1078visiting friends

IMG_1218who doesn’t like Mikey, right…. amazing bathroom

folowershelping me with my Instagram followers :)

IMG_1212cinnamon butter :P …. I think  I am home ….

ananasIMG_1332Yoga lesson

IMG_1381I am just in love with this small man

IMG_1358kufortime to pack :/

After 3 weeks in Miami I took a train to Winter Haven, city very close to Orlando, to visit my friends and their 3 months old baby.  I changed from party mood to calm, family environment. We had a great time. I enjoyed a lot helping my friends with the baby. I miss them a lot. Next time i see the baby, he will be so changed lol.