Organic coffee

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all photos by Lucia Jesenská

My last post, work with Lucia. I miss her already ( my blog photographer ) I had great time with her. She has very good eyes to capture what I want and like lol in my post. But today I want to talk about organic coffee. Do you know that there are coffee places in Bratislava that can actually make you a cappuccino from organic coffee? :) They are in Eurovea (shopping mall) : Caffe del Centro and Vea caffe. Very nice place, great coffee and nice personal. You should definitely check it out, plus if you like the coffee they sell it too. And I almost forgot, all those pillows made by The JSF world :)

And for those who want to know from the coffee comes : Trademark Organic Coffee, or “Organická Káva ® “ in our language, comes to you for the first time directly from the farms deep within the forests of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It is carefully selected by their baristas who thoroughly control its first class quality. The magic of brewing and roasting remains in our shops all you need to know is that it simply tastes good, while still being healthy because it does not contain metals such as aluminum and zinc, pesticide residues and other 133 contaminants which can be found in a single cup of commercially available coffee. Welcome and taste the real coffee. (