Vienna is always a good idea

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vienna 3(2)

we don’t have Starbucks in Bratislava so my first stop is always here ! :))))

vienna 2 (1)

my amigo in crime

Photo 3 (1)

sitting in the window, eating and watching people walking


indian dish :P

vienna 1,

town was full of people


one piece of the table was out other was in… just cool for me :)


this t-shirt reminds me of a friend living in Dubai now, I miss you girl :)


my ultra cool souvenir from Vienna, made me very happy :)

It’s so refreshing and inspirational to travel to totally different country. And is just one hour drive from Bratislava :) . Or you can take a train, very comfortable, did that many time. For a while you leave all your stress and thoughts behind. Sun was shining, had a great time thanks to my friend :) .